Our Team

Harshad Raval

Co-founder and the Managing Director

Being the Co-founder and the Managing Director, Harshad was the brain behind Chetna Publication which started about 17 years ago; but, his own foray into the world of technology happened quite sometime before that. With extensive time spent in the past working in various technological domains, especially marketing, advertisements, magazine publishing, and graphics, Harshad today is one of the most knowledgeable and experienced people working at BizInside.

Combining his knowledge and skills with the current technology scenario is how he intends to make BizInside live up to the name of its parent company. From providing industry reports to keep readers updated to keeping businesses updated on trends, and more - Harshad intends to use the potential of this web platform to reach businesses and individuals, alike.

Tushar Raval

Co-founder and the Creative Director

Tushar’s contribution to Chetna Publication, as a Co-founder and the Creative Director, especially in the field of graphics and content, has been invaluable. For him to be a part of this digital initiative, Biz Inside, is an exciting move - both for him, as well as the magazine. With an experienced eye for content and a strong technical eye for graphics, Tushar’s forte lies in the field of digital marketing.

But, his contribution to this platform is more than his skills and experience - it is also his knack for knowing exactly what a business or the magazine audience is looking for. And, when it comes to talking about the latest market goings-on, any upcoming trends, and so on, Tushar is the one person you can trust to sieve through all the material and instinctively know what people want to read.

Bhoomika Pathak

Co-Founder & Chief Creative Director

Ms. Bhoomika Pathak is a passionate leader with a rich exposure in the fields of Digital Marketing,
SEO, Strategy Management and Communication. Having a strong background in the areas of enterprise service and marketing in various industries, she has always played a pivotal part in improving the overall productivity of the organizations.

Her current role as a Co-founder and the Creative Director at BizIndside uses her expertise in understanding a client’s business goals and translating the same into a platform that helps them achieve those goals. Under Bhoomika's creative direction, BizIndside will always strive to deliver business-related trends, news, updates, and do everything necessary to connect the products and services with their market demands.

Falgun Rathod

Co-Founder & Chief Technical Officer

Holding more than a decade long experience in the field of technology, with niche in Information Security & Cyber Crime Investigation, Falgun's expertise lies across a wide spectrum of digital technology and Internet security. He worked with both startups as well as established enterprises, introducing the market with some of the most innovative products.

At BizIndside, as its Co-founder and Chief Technical Officer, Falgun intends to bridge the gap between industry insiders and businesses by updating the platform with news and trends. He also aims for businesses to have better connection with their audience. And so, he's helped make BizIndside the platform where organizations detail their potential customers about their range of products and services.

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