Morbi, Gujarat aims to give tough competition to China

Approximately 150 manufacturers of electronics items and clocks from Morbi, Gujarat have joined hands to create local alternatives to the products that are currently being imported from China. They are in talks with firms which imports source parts or finished goods from China for Indian market. The Morbi manufacturers believe that with more than 25,000 skilled workers and all required infrastructure, they are well equipped to give a competition to China.

Jaysukh Patel, the managing Director of world’s largest wall-clock maker, Ajanta-Oreva Group, said that “We[Morbi] started looking at our strengths and decided to replace China as a supplier for small electronic equipment for consumer appliances, toys and gift articles”.  He said that they are not only confident of delivering goods at lower cost than China, but are also confident of manufacturing superior quality products.

Patel added that“A letter has been sent to Prime Minister Narendra Modi seeking government support and protection for this segment of products”. This letter dated 5th July, read: “Indian MSME is competent enough to compete with Chinese products provided we curb the unethical imports of Chinese products. It will be a great assistance and boon to the MSME sector, if we can curb such unethical imports”.

Morbi is a big industrial hub that is exceptionally famous for production of ceramic tiles, owing 80% of India’s ceramic vitrified tile manufacturing units. Morbi is also recognized for the Ajanta plant, one of the leaders of electronics and clocks manufacturing.

Sagar Sutaria, a manufacturer of clocks and electronic gifts, said that “We are not worried about entering the new segment of toys, because the market is very much accessible as most of the gift article shops sell toys and clocks together. It gives us easy access to the market.” and added “We will continue to make clocks and start a second line of business with toys”.

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