Asia’s largest data centre inaugurated near Mumbai

The Yotta data center has been e- inaugurated by Uddhav Thackeray, the Chief Minister of Maharashtra on Tuesday, being located in Panvel, has become India’s largest data centre of its kind as well as the largest Tier IV data centre in Asia.

This virtual inauguration was conducted with the presence of Ravi Shankar Prasad, the Union Minister of India. Chief Minister Thackeray told that data centres like Yotta are projected to boost local investment, therefore can be a key booster to Maharashtra’s economy.

This privately owned data centre belongs to the Hiranandani group, via its fully owned subsidiary, the Yotta Infrastructure Group. The Yotta data centre primarily targets servicing engineering and real estate businesses.

Niranjana Hiranandani, the MD and co-founder of Hiranandani group, told at the inauguration that, “India’s largest data centre building, the Yotta NM1 is the largest Tier IV data centre in Asia, and is certified by Uptime Institute. It is also the second largest in the world. What makes the Yotta story unique is our ownership of all key input resources, massive economies of scale with our land banks, captive green energy generation and distribution capabilities, and unmatched expertise and experience in the data centre domain – including design, engineering, construction and operations”.

This data centre is situated in the Hiranandani fortune city that stretches across 600 acres in Panvel, Yotta NM1 is the foremost among five data centres about to be built at the Integrated Yotta data centre park, the latter once completed is expected to have an overall capacity of 210 Mega watts power and 30,000 racks. The recently inaugurated Yotta NM1 is built across 8.2 lacks sq. ft, contains 7200 lacks, possessing capacity of 50 Mega Watts power as well as 4 self owned fiber paths bridging it to national highways. It is powered by its own solar power plant and an on-site captive gas-based co-gen power plant.

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