About Us

Years back when Magazine and Print media company Chetna Publication came out with Chetna Industrial Vision, it was a path-breaking move to help Indian entrepreneurs become indispensable part of the India Growth Story. Businesses, through the power of written word, were then encouraged to showcase their efforts and promote their products and services to a larger audience.

BizInside – a digital news platform that publishes everything business-related – intends to not just follow suit of its parent company, but take that idea a little further ahead.

The News segment of BizInside will deal with everything that’s current in the world – what’s trending and what’s not! One of our primary objectives is for our news articles to reflect the characteristics of the daily-evolving market around us.

Who can procure a particular product? Who can provide a specific service? These are important questions – for both customers and product or service providers. The Directory, hence, is an open field where businesses of every niche are welcome to have their own printed listing of information published. This will help them get noticed by their potential future clients and/or any other interested party.

The Magazine aspect of BizInside is about publishing interesting business-related articles. If a business wants to share its story or let people know about any recent developments, this is the platform they should be looking for. The digital arena is rich with content, and one needs to make an effort to stand apart. Our magazine, with the help of SEO-rich content, helps businesses with their digital marketing and PR strategies.

Finally, we have a section where we intend to recognize and talk about leaders of the business world – no matter which sector, segment, or department they belong to. We intend to write SEO-friendly content that gets picked by the search engine, and make every article an interesting read for people to share it further on social media.

Chetna Publication has been a pioneer in so many ways, and given this strong foundation, so is BizInside. We are more than just a lead-generation tool; we are a digital business news platform that works hand-in-hand with companies of all sizes, helping them better strategize, excel in marketing their products, transform themselves into a brand, grow exponentially, and boost their RoI.

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